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USAConnects Host 


We help you fill positions with amazing international talents.

USAConnects’ facilitate cultural exchange; to highly-qualified international teachers with U.S. host schools, Hospitality and Culinary Internships, Business - Agriculture & Tech Internships, to promote cultural understanding and public diplomacy. Our role is not only to facilitate cultural exchange; it is to ensure that everyone is happy with the results. Developing customized recruitment strategies is what sets us apart. Our talent management solutions match business needs and goals with the very best candidates.

How We Help Employers Like You

We Connect you with qualified International talent - Teachers, Interns, Trainees and beyond. 

Pre-screened Qualified Candidates

Our skill is not just in finding people for your business, it is in finding the right people for your business.

Create Cultural Diversity

Diversity in business is a must in the 21st century. Our talent pool brings a wealth of varied cultural identities and viewpoints.


Make Hiring Easier

We know where to find great international talent.



Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

We make certain all regulations are met and all legalities are covered. How We Help Employers Like You


What countries do you work in?

We match great international talent with companies in the United States, United Arab Emirates and Philippines

Do you place candidates with different skills levels?

Yes, we recruit talent globally with different skill levels for different types of programs, from College students with no previous experience to recent graduates with minimum experience to highly skilled professionals with extensive experience. Share your needs with us – we are sure we can find the right candidate for each position.

What industries do you work with?

We place interns and trainees in hospitality, culinary, teaching, tech, and many others.

How long does each program last?

This varies depending on the type of visa, and some programs allow for extensions. We can help you identify the best type of visa for your hiring needs as well as bring you the best candidates.

What about language issues?

Different visas have different required levels. All candidates must meet or exceed the required comprehension level.

What’s the cultural component?

The purpose of the Exchange Visitor Program is to foster global understanding by introducing international visitors to different cultures. Visitors return to their home countries at the end of the program and share their experiences with friends and family. We help create and organize cultural activities that meet visa requirements.

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