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Cultural Exchange Program

We offer a variety of programs that enable you to work and travel in the United States from 3 months to 4 years!

Teacher Exchange Program

If you are an educator, our program can open doors for your career and introduce new opportunities to build and develop different methods of teaching in an international inclusions and tolerance with a greater world perspective and foster relationships and experience the well-rounded education that you need to take your career to the next level while increasing your earning potential.  

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Hospitality and Culinary Internships

Whether you’re working in hospitality, foodservice and want to advance your career or are an aspiring chef, this program can help you do it. Our programs lets you experience and put into practice your knowledge and talents in a real -world setting while improving your skills training with some of the hospitality and culinary leaders of the world that you can use to pursue your dream career.  

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Business - Agriculture & Tech Internships

We do not back down from a challenge. Instead, our Interns and Trainees and mentors work together in pursuit of solutions that will transform the globe. Our world-renowned mentors , they are committed to sharing their knowledge with you that allows you to learn the latest in American business trends and practices and connecting you to their professional networks with industry leaders.

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